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"Michael Kirk Lane is certainly reason enough to see a show"


 "one of the most popular performers and people working in cabaret today."

- Stephen Mosher, BroadwayWorld Cabaret October 2019



"You really can’t go wrong with Michael Kirk Lane! He’s charming; he’s childlike; he knows his way around comedic material and yet he can melt your heart with a tender ballad." 

- Michael Barbieri . Nitelifexchange   August 2019

"when he takes the stage, it is a guaranteed shot of adrenalin and a promise of pure entertainment."

- Bart Greenberg,  Cabaret Scenes  August 2019

"When Michael Kirk Lane is on stage, there is certainly no lack of energy. He is generous, open, and joyous"




"Musical comedy heaven"  

-Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes   June 2018 

"Michael Kirk Lane has an honest, open, vulnerable quality onstage and a herky-jerky physicality that makes him instantly likable." 


-Michael Barbieri Nitelifeexchange  June 2018 

"a burst of cheery, glass-half-full energy." 


QLife Magazine   September 2018 

"The ever-youthful Lane is cherubic, charming, challenging, cheering."


-Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes   January/February 2016 Issue



"Michael Kirk Lane is a force to be experienced. This delightful performer takes his audience on a journey of determination and resolve. He’s a funny guy with a heart of gold and a spirit filled with passion. He is supported on the stage by two more wonderful entertainers. Jon Satrom and Laura Pavies electrify as well and transform this unfortunate incident in his life into a joy encrusted acceptance of lifes trivals. Musical Director, William TN Hall has done a terrific job on keys with Jamie Mohamdien on bass. How could this show go wrong under the direction of one of New York’s best. Jay Rogers makes magic, be it on stage or off. This is a show to see."


-Russ Weatherford, Theatre Pizzaz  April 2015


"I was extremely impressed with the talent of Ginger Minj, Michael Lane Kirk, Janine Klein, and Heather Barbour. All are top-notch, high-quality performers with strong stage presences and a total dedication to playing their part to bring maximum pleasure to the audience members."


-Dr. Tom Stevens, Applause Applause , December 2015



 "Lane has a hardy voice, with a purr-like vibrato "

    ~Mark Dundas Wood  on "Songs from the Rock, The Street, and The Hood",

        Bistro Awards , Feb. 2012



"The Show Tune Room with host Michael Kirk Lane (Who is a DOLL!)..."

     ~Sue Matsuki, Cabaret Hotline, Febraury 28, 2011 


"Snoopy may be the star of the show, but Lane has to be its hero".

      ~Arlene Bachanov, Daily Telegram, Saturday, March 4, 2006



 "Enough cannot be said of Lane’s performance. Dressed in just gray sneakers, a gray sweatshirt, and a hat with earflaps, Lane exudes pachyderm-ness and is simply outstanding. His voice is smooth and gentle and he captures Horton’s sweetness, innocence and resolve with the most beguiling expressions."

      ~Brian Cox, Machester Enterprise, November 2004



"Sloan and Lane deliver near-perfect performances"

      ~Brian Cox, Machester Enterprise, November 2004

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