Welcoming performers, directors, and journalists, these conversations will delve into the history and current state of this unique performance style. Each conversation will also include a Q&A session for the participants.  Past guests have included KT Sullivan, Joe Iconis, Karen Mason and Chita Rivera. 

Upcoming guests:

Jan 25, 2021: Jinkx Monsoon

Feb 22, 2021: Telly Leung

Mar 22, 2021: Lennie Watts and Amy Wolk

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Using video and audio recordings of influential performers throughout the decades, the series will explore the history of the art form and where it is headed into the future.  The class is broken down into four sections

Week 1: European beginnings to  1940s New York

Week 2: New York Cabaret 1950s-1960s

Week 3: New York Cabaret 1970s-1980s

Week 4: New York Cabaret 1990-today and looking ahead

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Cabaret is a unique style of singing and musical performance that is known for its intimacy and the emphasis it places on the lyric. It is also an art-form that allows performers of all levels to find a stage. Whether the audience is full of friends and family, or a room full of strangers, that audience becomes the performer’s silent scene partner. The performer’s own connection to and interpretation of the lyric, engages with the intimate audience. In this virtual class, students will bring in songs they are familiar with and work to find their unique and honest take on the lyrics and how to communicate their meaning and intention with an audience, whether in person or through a camera. The class will culminate with a live streamed performance.


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