Michael Kirk Lane is a children’s media producer, performer, and teaching artist. 

For over a decade Lane has served as an Associate Artist and Associate Producer for No Strings Productions.  No Strings is a non-profit production company that makes educational puppet films for children in troubled areas of the world. Founded by longtime Muppeteer Kathy Mullen, and former Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Henson Productions, Michael K. Frith, the company has made films on HIV/Aids awareness for sub-Saharan Africa, nutrition and public health for Madagascar, trauma healing and peace building for Syrian refugees, and most recently made their first fully animated piece for survivors of the genocide of the Rohingya people.  Lane has worked in many areas of production for No Strings and is also a voice actor in the latest animated film. Lane was also part of the team that went as No Strings accepted the Villanova University's Adela Dwyer-St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award for  in 2016.  

with  Mundoo and Jim Kroupa

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In addition to his work with No Strings, Lane serves as Associate Producer and member of the English voice cast for International Children’s  Television’s YouTube series The Flying Tent.  This series is also used throughout school in Pakistan to teach English.

with  Kathy Mullen

and Heather Asch

at Villanova University as No Strings accepts t The Adela Dwyer | St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award

Most recently Lane has had the joy of working with puppeteer and voice actor Jake Bazel to bring his character Duncan the Skunk to life, as the Co- Producer of the new social media series. He also lends an ear as a creative consultant for Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and her candy obsessed creation, Lolly Lardpop.

The Flying Tent

(Lane as Trombone Playing Monkey)

Lane’s philosophy on children’s media is fully influenced from years of working alongside Michael K. Frith: Children’s Media is at its best, when helping to make the world a better place.

As a teaching artist for over 20 years, Lane has taught all ages from pre-school to retirement homes. In each class he brings the same philosophy to his teaching, no matter the age of the students. “Art, Theatre, and Music are ways for us to connect with our most authentic self, and to explore the world around us.”

with  Sharon Lerner

and Michael K. Frith

Barnhart Pash Lane Asch.jpg

On the set of The Flying Tent with 

Jennifer Barnhart and Heather Asch


Jake Bazel's Duncan the Skunk


With Leslie Carrara-Rudolph 

and Lolly Lardpop


Teaching Kindergarten Puppetry Class with special guest Jennifer Barnhart